Do ghosts really exist?

First of all I would say that I never saw any ghost or not experienced any paranormal activities. So let’s start. It’s a very common question which comes in everybody mind that do ghosts are really exist or not? How is life after death?  It have a simple answer that if god is in the universe then spirit or ghost is also in this universe. You never see god that’s why you never see ghost. Ghost is like air or kind of energy only you can feel it ghost doesn’t have any physical body or no sound or doesn’t have any super power which you have saw in movies. Ghost is kind of energy which transfers from one body to other body. If spirit or ghost is nearby you then you feel that the temperature is getting down around you and you feel this at night between 2am to 5 am because at this time the negative energy was active. Spirits have their own universe which is called spiritland name is given by me. Many people say that they saw a ghost in white dress, long nales, some sound or a man who looks out of the planet but I would say that these are a rubbish I told you already that ghost does not have any physical existence the reason behind these people there is a psychological effect which means that when we feel something different then we create a picture in our mind and due to the fear our mind release harmones of fear very fast that’s why the picture we create in our mind can see physically which is not real. It is a real fact that the spirit are attracted towards the children or small baby that’s why in movies all the ghosts are get in touch with a small child in the house this have no scientific reason that why ghost are more seen by children. But in India there is lot of myth about ghost or spirits. In India some people say that do not eat white or sweet dish before leaving the house because ghost are attracted toward sweet dishes, some people say that the women or pregnant ladies can’t come to the funeral of anybody only men are allowed there is many myth according to the cultures you know that India is a country of various culture. I think you all get your answer about ghost exist or not?